The Devil Made Me Cry


The first big release of 2008 and it does not disappoint.  Although the story turns a bit whacky half way through the game, it delivers on all fronts.  The main character is one that everyone can relate to, while Dante is truly the most lovable asshole every created. 

 The game starts off with one of, if not, the best intro sequences I’ve ever witnessed.  It starts with Nero running towards a building, only for us to realize he is missing a performance from his love interest.  You get to see some fight sequences although its a cinematic sequence, you get to see the fighting style that is being presented.  Then you sit through some of the religious rhetoric that is present throughout the game.  THEN COMES THE BEST PART.  The GREATEST entrance made by a character ever.  Dante makes his first appearance and you finally get to take control of Nero.  

Graphically, the game is outstanding.  The artistic styling is superb and each character has the same amount of detail as the next.  There was no slow down or graphical glitches whatsoever.  As far as the audio for the game goes,  it was very good throughout the entire game.  The music kicks in at the right moments and keeps you intrigued the entire time its playing. The story is that of Nero’s quest to save the kidnapped girl, Kyrie.  Very Mario, i know.  You really start to care for the character of Nero, even though the game presents him as stand offish.  

Halfway through the game, you finally take control of the flagship Devil May Cry character, Dante.  With his contrasting style and swagger, the story becomes completely outlandish and over the top.  With many sexual innuendos abound, it’s hard not to notice that, playing as Nero, and Nero’s story is a far superior experience.  

Although the Dante aspect of the game slightly takes away from Nero’s quest, Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent game.  Especially considering the time of year that it has been released.  




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  1. I had seen the new devil may cry in the game stop the other day. my main concern is that i havent gotten number 3. devil may cry 1 had a great story the second was just a long pointless challenge of unlocking everything. so basicly my point is how was #3 ?

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