Trailer Trash : Never Back Down

As always, we wade through the waste to bring you the absolute worst in the film trailers so you don’t have to waste your time when the cinematic abortion actually comes out in theaters. This week we are going to take a look at a trailer for a film I’m calling bullshit on called Never Back Down. If you haven’t been exposed to this toxic trash check it out at the official website.

Shit has never been dressed up so well! I’m sure that some jerk off originally pitched this as the OC meets the UFC and it all fell apart from there. It even has FUCKING VOLCHEK from the OC in it!! ARGHH!!!

So basically, the plot, as I can figure it out, is about some new kid coming to town and talking to the wrong girl. So her asshole boyfriend, who just happens to be an illegal underground fighting champ, beats the shit out of our hero. Our hero wants to even the score so he finds a large black man, who is well versed in MMA, to teach him the ways of beating people to a bloody piss. Our hero will then step back into the illegal underground fighting and beat the asshole and get the girl.

Dear lord, now that I think about it, that plot sounds awfully familiar…hmm… oh that’s right, its because they made this exact same movie 15 YEARS AGO!!! yeah, check it out, the movie was called Showdown and it is fucking identical to this new fangled piece of shit.

Never Back Down

The only differences between these two flicks are that Djimon Hounsou replace Taebo’s Billy Blanks as the large black mentor and they coated Never Back Down in a layer of OC, Abercrombie and Fitch, jism.

There are no words for this abomination. This is just a lame ass attempt to grab a piece of the MMA Boom. To the filmmakers and all associated with Never Back Down, I can only say that I hope you burn in the lowest pits of Cinema Hell.


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