Why numbers are fun!

More often than not, people pour countless hours into activities they love or work towards bettering themselves personally, or for career based reasons. But today, the League is proud to present an aggregate statistical overview of the activity that we love, and love dearly…fragging online terrorists.

Call of Duty 4’s online stat tracking is pretty comprehensive, and is always a beauty to look at. So how do we stack up in the world of online, competitive shenanigan-ry? Let us take a look and see…


Between the folks here at League of Avatars, (Dangerman64, Longcoitus, Nwpettigrew, Teen Ape) there are some mighty impressive (or pathetic) numbers to be had! In terms of total play time, we have thus far chocked up approximately 9 days and 14 hours of total play time. Or for those of you whole enjoy larger numbers, that’s 230 hours, or 13,800 minutes! Indeed folks, one knows not the meaning of determination until four people have collectively played only a single component of a game for more than 9 days worth of time.

On the lighter side of things, the League is also accountable for 30,822 online kills in COD4. Therefore, roughly 2.23 players online get fragged by us and throw down their controllers in disgust every minute we’re in battle! The total number of kills and time we’ve acquired online in COD4 equate to roughly the annihilation of the Russian city of Karpinsk, whose population is just over 30,800 in under 10 days time! And thats mainly through the use of small arms fire, with the occasional air support via airstrike or attack helicopter.

So the next time you hop online in Call of Duty 4 or any other online FPS, remember, all those stats you are acquiring mean something. Thankfully for some they’re not drafting us geeky/videogame type folks, because we sure know how to rack ‘em up.


God Exists…New Call of Duty 4 Maps inbound!

CoD4 maps coming

Given how much developer Infinity Ward has gotten right with Call of Duty 4’s online component, the obsessed gamer inside me is frothing at the mouth. IW has a great opportunity to continue their one-upmanship of those Bungie boys if they manage to cram more than a paltry three maps into what will most likely be a $5 or $10 purchase.

I’m no particular fan of sniping (hate doing it, hate those that do it, hate those that sit in one friggin place the whole match and do it), but I do feel that COD4 could use some more medium to large scale maps, along the lines of Overgrown or Bog, and not more close quarters Vacant or Showdown style arenas. It just feels more like warfare when there’s some tangible distance between you and the opponents, at least that’s how I see it given my extensive military background (…none). Just give me more maps where I can use my trusty M16. It’s a simple enough request, right?

Given how good COD4 has been just out the box, I’m fairly confident this should be a downloadable purchase not many will regret and will only add onto the days worth of time I’ve put into the online component of this life sucking game. And to all you people who put claymore’s at the top of ladders…its people like you that truly hate freedom.

Hello world!

We are the league. We have heard your cries for justice.