Why numbers are fun!

More often than not, people pour countless hours into activities they love or work towards bettering themselves personally, or for career based reasons. But today, the League is proud to present an aggregate statistical overview of the activity that we love, and love dearly…fragging online terrorists.

Call of Duty 4’s online stat tracking is pretty comprehensive, and is always a beauty to look at. So how do we stack up in the world of online, competitive shenanigan-ry? Let us take a look and see…


Between the folks here at League of Avatars, (Dangerman64, Longcoitus, Nwpettigrew, Teen Ape) there are some mighty impressive (or pathetic) numbers to be had! In terms of total play time, we have thus far chocked up approximately 9 days and 14 hours of total play time. Or for those of you whole enjoy larger numbers, that’s 230 hours, or 13,800 minutes! Indeed folks, one knows not the meaning of determination until four people have collectively played only a single component of a game for more than 9 days worth of time.

On the lighter side of things, the League is also accountable for 30,822 online kills in COD4. Therefore, roughly 2.23 players online get fragged by us and throw down their controllers in disgust every minute we’re in battle! The total number of kills and time we’ve acquired online in COD4 equate to roughly the annihilation of the Russian city of Karpinsk, whose population is just over 30,800 in under 10 days time! And thats mainly through the use of small arms fire, with the occasional air support via airstrike or attack helicopter.

So the next time you hop online in Call of Duty 4 or any other online FPS, remember, all those stats you are acquiring mean something. Thankfully for some they’re not drafting us geeky/videogame type folks, because we sure know how to rack ‘em up.


The Devil Made Me Cry


The first big release of 2008 and it does not disappoint.  Although the story turns a bit whacky half way through the game, it delivers on all fronts.  The main character is one that everyone can relate to, while Dante is truly the most lovable asshole every created. 

 The game starts off with one of, if not, the best intro sequences I’ve ever witnessed.  It starts with Nero running towards a building, only for us to realize he is missing a performance from his love interest.  You get to see some fight sequences although its a cinematic sequence, you get to see the fighting style that is being presented.  Then you sit through some of the religious rhetoric that is present throughout the game.  THEN COMES THE BEST PART.  The GREATEST entrance made by a character ever.  Dante makes his first appearance and you finally get to take control of Nero.  

Graphically, the game is outstanding.  The artistic styling is superb and each character has the same amount of detail as the next.  There was no slow down or graphical glitches whatsoever.  As far as the audio for the game goes,  it was very good throughout the entire game.  The music kicks in at the right moments and keeps you intrigued the entire time its playing. The story is that of Nero’s quest to save the kidnapped girl, Kyrie.  Very Mario, i know.  You really start to care for the character of Nero, even though the game presents him as stand offish.  

Halfway through the game, you finally take control of the flagship Devil May Cry character, Dante.  With his contrasting style and swagger, the story becomes completely outlandish and over the top.  With many sexual innuendos abound, it’s hard not to notice that, playing as Nero, and Nero’s story is a far superior experience.  

Although the Dante aspect of the game slightly takes away from Nero’s quest, Devil May Cry 4 is an excellent game.  Especially considering the time of year that it has been released.  



Hulk Smashed…Marvel Universe Online Cancelled

We’ve been hearing rumors about its demise and finally word came down from on high that Marvel Universe Online has been given the Axe. You can read all the details over at MTV, but basically it all boiled down to money. Microsoft and Marvel both felt they couldn’t suckle on the bosom of their fans enough, so they called it quits.

muo no

I have to say, I’m awfully bummed out about the whole deal. As both a fan of Cryptic Studios and Marvel, I was excited for the possibility of a Superhero MMO on the 360.  It’s also real disappointing that this game got the ax for business reasons and not developmental issues. I could have accepted it if the game just didn’t come together, but to kill it because you didn’t know how to World of Warcraft money is pretty shitty.

Next time fellas, if you’re going to shit can a game, at least let us know when the rumors hit and not 4 months after the fact.

Oh well, at least now Cryptic can focus on their Unnamed MMO  and maybe Marvel can look to finding another studio to make their fighting game since EA Chicago bit the big one last year. In the mean time, everybody back to City of Heroe / Villains.

JRPG goodness arrives, Lost Odyssey lands next week!

I haven’t really dug into a good Japanese RPG since Final Fantasy X, and with Lost Odyssey only a week away, from what I’ve seen and heard about the game I can’t help but get excited to play through what looks to be an epic game. Right off the bat from when they first showed the game and it displayed the main character as an immortal bad ass just going Highlander on every enemy soldier in sight and not pulling any punches when it comes to visual depiction of violence, I had a feeling this game had that “it” that other games simply lack. And judging from how the game has progressed and the initial reviews that I’ve read about the game, it is definitely looking like something that RPG fans and 360 fans should keep on the radar.

One of the things that appealed to me immediately about this game, is the art direction. Sakaguchi is really hearkening back to that FFVI and FFVII era art style, with the just the right melding of medieval style with technological advances, and now with some next-gen power, the locales and characters have this great realization to them that to me, being a huge fan of the earlier Final Fantasy’s, Sakaguchi must have been dreaming of crafting back in the 90’s. And with legendary Square-Enix composer Nobuo Uematsu creating the score for the title, simply the video’s of the game that I’ve seen give me huge nostalgia trips to the early Final Fantasy days.


While reviews of the game have admitted that Lost Odyssey in no way reinvents the JRPG formula when it comes to item management and battle, the tweaks that it does make such as the timed battle hits, party formation and defense gauge along with ring customization and skill building add enough depth to keep the gameplay from getting stale. But with great graphics and sound, mature characters with relevant stories that don’t act as if they were just pulled out of high school, enough changes to the turn based gameplay to keep it fresh, battles that force you to think and use strategy (grinding apparently does not work in this game, enemies level up with you thank God) and the 1,000 years of dreams stories to add more narrative depth, Lost Odyssey appears to be producing a pretty good bench mark for other JRPG’s to come, and I can’t wait til the 12th to go and pick this one up.

The way the world ends…

halo 3 laser tagAs if fans of science fiction didn’t get teased enough, some brilliant toymaker thought it’d be so “cool” if there were laser tag Halo weapons…and hot damn if that guy wasn’t sure as shit correct! If matchmaking in Halo 3 just doesn’t do it for you in your quest for ultimate teabaggery and fragging satisfaction, just re-enact those Valhalla big team battle matches using these bad boys, and pray to god you don’t get splattered by a warthog.

I must admit…the roughly $80 price tag on these things is the only deterrent thus far from me snatching up a bunch of these things, handing them out to whomever calls themselves a true friend (looking at you Rainbow Carnage and Longcoitus) that fears not humiliation nor ridicule, put on a MC helmet and let the lag fest ensue. While this is only a small step towards the path to the eventual Spartan 117 themed Chuckie Cheeses’ we may end up having all around the country if Halo gets any bigger, it kind of makes you imagine the great possibilities for other great game-laser tag conversions fans (or simply small children) might enjoy.

What I truly wouldn’t give for a fully operational chainsaw lancer machine gun from Gears of War…someone needs to get brainstorming on that one.

God Exists…New Call of Duty 4 Maps inbound!

CoD4 maps coming

Given how much developer Infinity Ward has gotten right with Call of Duty 4’s online component, the obsessed gamer inside me is frothing at the mouth. IW has a great opportunity to continue their one-upmanship of those Bungie boys if they manage to cram more than a paltry three maps into what will most likely be a $5 or $10 purchase.

I’m no particular fan of sniping (hate doing it, hate those that do it, hate those that sit in one friggin place the whole match and do it), but I do feel that COD4 could use some more medium to large scale maps, along the lines of Overgrown or Bog, and not more close quarters Vacant or Showdown style arenas. It just feels more like warfare when there’s some tangible distance between you and the opponents, at least that’s how I see it given my extensive military background (…none). Just give me more maps where I can use my trusty M16. It’s a simple enough request, right?

Given how good COD4 has been just out the box, I’m fairly confident this should be a downloadable purchase not many will regret and will only add onto the days worth of time I’ve put into the online component of this life sucking game. And to all you people who put claymore’s at the top of ladders…its people like you that truly hate freedom.