Trailer Trash : Never Back Down

As always, we wade through the waste to bring you the absolute worst in the film trailers so you don’t have to waste your time when the cinematic abortion actually comes out in theaters. This week we are going to take a look at a trailer for a film I’m calling bullshit on called Never Back Down. If you haven’t been exposed to this toxic trash check it out at the official website.

Shit has never been dressed up so well! I’m sure that some jerk off originally pitched this as the OC meets the UFC and it all fell apart from there. It even has FUCKING VOLCHEK from the OC in it!! ARGHH!!!

So basically, the plot, as I can figure it out, is about some new kid coming to town and talking to the wrong girl. So her asshole boyfriend, who just happens to be an illegal underground fighting champ, beats the shit out of our hero. Our hero wants to even the score so he finds a large black man, who is well versed in MMA, to teach him the ways of beating people to a bloody piss. Our hero will then step back into the illegal underground fighting and beat the asshole and get the girl.

Dear lord, now that I think about it, that plot sounds awfully familiar…hmm… oh that’s right, its because they made this exact same movie 15 YEARS AGO!!! yeah, check it out, the movie was called Showdown and it is fucking identical to this new fangled piece of shit.

Never Back Down

The only differences between these two flicks are that Djimon Hounsou replace Taebo’s Billy Blanks as the large black mentor and they coated Never Back Down in a layer of OC, Abercrombie and Fitch, jism.

There are no words for this abomination. This is just a lame ass attempt to grab a piece of the MMA Boom. To the filmmakers and all associated with Never Back Down, I can only say that I hope you burn in the lowest pits of Cinema Hell.


The Future Beat Down of an Unknown Fighter

Brock Lesnar
Courtesy of MMA Weekly 

As many of you might know at UFC 81 Brock Lesnar had only his second MMA fight and only his first in the UFC. He came out like a beast and quickly took, the one time champion, Frank Mir down. The fight looked as if it might end right there with Lesnar on top pummeling Mir with a barrage of punches. That would all end when Lesnar threw an inadvertent punch to the back of Mir’s head. Referee Steve Mazzagatti then stopped the fight and gave Lesnar a point deduction for the punch. It seemed as if there was no warning ever called during the fight to let Lesnar know of what he had done and to warn him of further action.

According to an interview with Steve Mazzagatti said that he did issue a warning to Lesnar for punches earlier in the round. Mazzagatti continued to say that he did have issues hearing because it was so loud in the arena. He admitted that he was unable to “hear myself give the warning” on the video. Now I understand that hearing Mazzagatti on the video and Lesnar hearing him in the ring are two different things, but I want to know is WHEN does Mazzagatti issue the warning. He said that it was after the first barrage of hits he issued the warning and the second was when he deducted the points. Now I have seen this fight multiple times and only see one time when he Lesnar punches Mir in the back of the head. I believe that the deduction was not warranted and Mazzagatti got the call wrong.

Once the fight restarted Lesnar took Mir down once again, but this time Mir was prepared and had cleared his head from the barrage. Lesnar then left his leg behind and was defeated by a leg lock. Mazzagatti got the call wrong, but it did not cause for Lesnar to lose the fight. Lesnar lost the fight because he is still inexperienced.

That will not be the case for his next fight. At the moment his next fight is still yet to be announced as well as his next opponent. Who ever this next opponent is I feel extremely sorry for this person. Lesnar is only going to get bigger, stronger, and faster before his next fight. Most of all he has gained experience in the UFC and now has more to prove. He has proved that he is not the former WWE actor/fighter, but he is a bona fide MMA fighter. He will use this loss to fuel himself to be a better fighter; he has said that this is his passion.

The next opponent better come into to his fight with Lesnar prepared for a knock down, dirty, nasty fight. Lesnar is no joke; people need to see that he is only going to be better his next time around. His next opponent better know what he is getting into. Lesnar will make his next opponent an example of just how dangerous he can be. Lesnar is a beast and he will cause someone serious harm if they are not prepared for him. Lesnar is a two time NCAA wrestling champion, he knows how to come back from losses and how to use them to his advantage. Lesnar is seriously one of the most dangerous fighters in the UFC heavyweight division and he only has two fights under his belt. His skills are raw and unprocessed, but give him some quality mat time with a decent trainer and in a short period of time he WILL be destroying people. He is going to beat his next opponent into the ground and stomp his way up the heavyweight ladder.

Mark my words, one day he will be the UFC Heavyweight Champion.